"Healed by the power of an Analog SBS Slammer In my teens and early twenties I trained 10 hours a day. I had multiple injuries that developed into osteoarthritis in my spine and severe thoracic outlet syndrome. I was sentenced to a life of physical therapy and different types of body work, multiple times a week, to barely manage the pain. For 8 years there was little improvement."

"After my first experience immersed in an SBS Slammer analog system, I had a quantum healing. Subsequently, I only needed 3 treatments over the next 5 years and it was 2 full years before I even needed treatment. As opposed to 3x a week."

"At first it seemed like a miracle, but I believe the mechanism at work was simple. It is well known in scientific circles that music can be used to change brainwave states via the ear, thus affecting one’s entire well being. By immersing the body in a constant drum beat in front of an analog sub for an extended period of time, I believe coherent resonance was restored to my entire body directly."

"The SBS Slammer analog sound system was strong enough to deliver a powerful vibration throughout the entire body, without damaging it, which so often occurs with low quality systems and low quality digital files."

"In the spirit of Ernst Chladni, Hans Jenny and Dr. Emoto, hopefully someone in the scientific and music therapy community will be inspired to do further research into Cymatics and it’s relationship to the full spectrum of sound reproduction technology available."

"I am a full supporter of the SBS Slammer and analog sound." - Kamaka Pahinui