SBS Slammers are best purchased as full sound systems, not by compiling items from our products sections. Sound Design by Shorty himself, and then he himself putting his hands all over the best wood in the world, inspecting it over and over for weeks, connecting it and building something that you’ll have for life, that won’t deteriorate in quality, is how we best satisfy our customers. He’ll consult very closely on what your room requires to fulfill your needs; he also won’t put in a sad sound system. Our clients range from the best nightclubs in the world to the offices of honchos in the music business to houses of worship to super homes to studios where a true reference sound of what it’s actually going to sound like is as accurate as it as gets. However we’re finding that, as vinyl is coming back, that we have interest from all sorts of folks around the world because analog-analog is really when ’that’ sound some of us older folks knew might be again known. Digitalia just isn’t the same. Everything points to the return of ANALOG.

For sales inquiries by an expert in your territory or for your type of installation, we invite you to reach out to us.

To join the #analog revolution, please follow up on social media. To experience the Slammer, visit Analog BKNY in NYC.


Telephone: +1 646 934-6532


SBS Slammer is available as a rental in the NYC tri-state area (or outside at the expensive of cargo shipping & travel, as do no not rent from third parties; we truly use only our own hand built product and the amps and processors that we trust work to elevate your sound above any other system’s potential). The SBS Slammer counts as its many Rental / Pop-Up successes:

The Legendary Studio 54 Event in NYC for SiriusXM Ch54 to launch the channel;

The final Sound Factory event by its Creators (known for having the best sound; SF 27th Street NYC is considered one of the greatest rooms for sound ever) in January 2015 RIP Richard Grant

Louie Vega’s NYC house music staple The Underground Network;

The Black Market, underground techno rave parties for consecutive years;

And the list grows...throughout the World.