The SDF-2815 (Based off the SDM-2715M Monitor) AKA Slammer Direct Radiating Full-Range, is a 3-way full range loudspeaker system that is designed to be flown over a dance floor bar or lounge areas.  It can be also offered as a fill system/zone system with a large footprint SBS Slammer that needs far greater fidelity in different areas of a venue.

The SBS Slammer SDF-2815 offers a single 15 mid bass, a single 8 inch low mid range driver and a 1-2 inch exit horn. 
4 SL-30 Folded Bass- horn system  

The SBS Slammer SL-30 is a single 18 inch compact, short to medium throw high output sub-bass horn that is designed in a small footprint with incredible impact and extended range.

The SL-30 can be coupled with two or four bass horns to increase the horn path, efficiency and increased frequency response, application dependent.



Power & Processing

1 SBS Designs Iso-Q2
3 Ashley xr 1001 (SBS Modified)
1 DBX 2231 EQ
1 SBS Designs S-2 Class AB Amplifier (Mid-High)
1 SBS Designs S-2 Class AB Amplifier (Low-Midrange)
1 SBS Designs S-5 Class AB Amplifier (Mid-Bass)
1 SBS Designs S-6 Class AB+B Amplifier (Sub-Bass)

Power Requirements

SDF 2815:

One 15 inch mid bass - 800 watts Peak, 400 watts continuous
One 8 in low mid range – 300 watts peak, 150 watts continuous
One 2 inch exit Mid-high – 150 watts peak, 75 watts continuous 

Frequency Response

SDF 2815: 35Hz-18KHz