Four SDF 2815 high output compact full-range 3-way loudspeakers

The SDF 2815 (based on the SDM 2715-M Monitor) AKA Slammer Direct Radiating Full-Range, is a 3-way full-range loudspeaker system that is designed to be flown over a dancefloor, bar or lounge area.  It can be also offered as a fill system or zone system with a large footprint SBS Slammer that need far greater fidelity in different areas of a venue.

The SBS Slammer SDF-2815 offers a single 15 inch mid bass, single 8 inch low mid range driver and 1-2 inch exit horn. 

4 SDR-218F – Dual 18 high output direct radiating sub bass system use 

The SBS Slammer SDR 218-F is a very high efficient high output HiFi sub bass system that includes four dual 18 inch subwoofers. Designed to be very detailed and very musical, this is the ultimate choice for smaller dance floor venues in which a horn-loaded SBS Slammer bass horn would not apply



Power & Processing

1 SBS Designs Iso-Q2
3 Ashley xr 1001 (SBS Modified)
1 DBX 2231 EQ
1 SBS Designs S-2 Class AB Amplifier (Mid-High)
1 SBS Designs S-2 Class AB Amplifier (Low-Midrange)
1 SBS Designs S-5 Class AB Amplifier (Mid-Bass)
1 SBS Designs S-6 Class AB+B Amplifier (Sub-Bass)

Power Requirements

SDF 2815:

One 15 inch mid bass - 800 watts peak, 400 watts continuous
One 8 in low mid range – 300 watts peak, 150 watts continuous
One 2 inch exit midhigh – 150 watts peak, 75 watts continuous 

SDR 218-F:

Dual 18 inch 2400 watts peak, 1200 watts continuous

Frequency Response

SDF 2815: 35Hz-18kHz

SDR 218-F: 30 Hz - 1kHz