SBS SRH 215-TS    


SRH 215-TS

The SRH 215-TS is our second rear loaded dual 15 offering, with a 13 ft folded horn offered in a SBS  Ground stack layout.

The SRH 215-TS offers a uniform response to 50 Hz and is usable to approx 35Hz. 

Above 125 Hz the 215-TS operates as a direct radiator for punch and clarity with constant coverage. 

This is considered one of SBS Slammer’s finest offerings. 

It is shown in red, but can be offered in a variety of colors and finishes.



Nightclubs Home HiFi

Power Requirements

400 watts continuous - 1,000 watts peak

Frequency Response

26Hz — 800Hz


3 years on cabinetry; manufacturer defect limited to that of third parties if applicable