SBS SRH 215-TL or 215-FL    


The SBS Slammer SRH 215-TL AKA the "Slammer Rear Loaded Horn" is offered with two driver options. 

The SRH 215-TL & SRH 215-FL “AKA the Scoop” designed as a Mid Bass Horn is to be used in a SBS Slammer Ground stack layout.

It is similar in looks to its smaller counterpart by JBL, Gauss & the Classic RLA Waldorf. The SRH 215-TL & FL Rear Loaded Horn has been totally updated with an enlarged horn path to bring an extended frequency response down to 30 Hz clean.



Large format dance clubs

Power Requirements

SRH 215-TL: 600 watts continuous - 1100 watts peak
SRH 215-FL: 1400 watts continuous - 2800 watts peak

Frequency Response

SRH 215-TL: 30hz - 1Khz
SRH 215-FL: 30hz - 3.15Khz


3 years on cabinetry; manufacturer defect limited to that of third parties if applicable