SBS SFH 218-F    


The SBS Slammer SFH 218F (Dual 18) subwoofer is our premium bass horn offering to date. The SFH 218F is a very efficient, compact, high output bass horn that is designed for all applications that seek the finest sound possible with the most efficient output, with the least amount of floor space taken up by large scale bass horns. 

Night clubs and large format lounges where space is the most important selling factor to an proprietor but the quality of the sound with maximum high quality output still matters, the SFH 218F is the ultimate choice, being less then 32 inches wide. This is the ultimate in efficiency without compromise in quality output.

Shown in a single FLH 218F Bass horn, it is recommended to be coupled with two SFH 218F bass horns for a ground stack application for large format mid-bass horns.



Dance clubs
Live PA

Power Requirements

2000 watts continuous - 4000 watts peak

Frequency Response

24Hz - 250Hz


3 years on cabinetry; manufacturer defect limited to that of third parties if applicable