SBS Designs S6 Class AB PLUS B Amplifier    


The SBS Designs S series Class AB & Variable supply amplifiers are a hand made high end design, designed to deliver the finest results to your loudspeaker system. When you are looking for the finest reproduction of sound with the purest power going to your monitors & loudspeaker system, High End Class AB & Variable supply amplifiers by SBS Designs are your only choice for the ultimate reproduction & fidelity.

The S6 is our 2nd High current offering and operates extremely well at lower impedances, providing a very musical sound with a lot of muscle.

S6 is stable in a 2,3 4 or 8 ohm load & delivers a ton of power as a result of a very large power supply that yields a tremendous amount of reserve for large peak transients with 32 output devices, 8 pairs per channel.



Recording & Mastering Studios Ref systems:

S6 can be used flawlessly on small, medium & large sized full-Range passive control room monitors. The S6 works flawlessly on high end passive monitors that can sometimes offer x-over networks with large chokes that are very in-efficient and can drain the output stage on most amplification.

The S6 is the perfect fit on Bi, Tri or Quad amplified monitor systems in a recording studio or a mastering studio, where sonic detail and finesse are top priority on a mix down or for mastering a studio recording.

Live & Sound Reinforcement:

The S6 can be used with amazing output & sonic fidelity on Sub-Bass, Mid-Bass, Low mid-range drivers or on Mid-High frequency Compression Drivers in a house sound system of any venue searching for the ultimate playback system.

S6 can be used flawlessly on booth monitors in a Live PA or Nightclub sound reinforcement application for the ultimate play back monitor system where sonic fidelity, ultra wide frequency response and pin point accuracy is 1st Priority.


689 @8 ohms per ch
1100 @4 ohms per ch
1600 @ 2 ohms per ch
Damping Factor 300
Topology,  fully true complementary Class AB + Class B boost.
THD .03
Slew Rate 80 V/us
Input Sensitivity 1.4
3 RU Fan Cooled

Frequency Response

10 hz to 60k


10 years