SBS SBH 218-BL    


The SBS SBH 218-BL is A Classic Tribute to the golden years of night club audio by SBS Slammer. The SBH 218-BL also well known worldwide as the “Levan Horn”, and is a multi-fold hyperbolic folded horn.  

This high efficiency horn features two 18 inch drivers that are capable of low frequencies extending below 30 Hz.
The Classic SBH 218-BL is available in two variations with different horn lengths that are application dependent. The high output unit is extremely efficient with only 1200 watts of power. 

The Levan Extension with the SBH 218-B Hyperbolic Horn is offered for better air coupling, directionality and extended low frequency. Enlarging the horn length with the Levan extension allows me to extend frequency down to 24 Hz. This is one of the finest bass horns made for dance club sound for medium to large footprint dance floors. 

The SBH 218-BL must be interfaced with the SBS Slammer S3x 3-way electronic crossover with variable gain control for optimum performance and, therefore, works best only in full Slammer installs. 

Colors and finishes upon request.



Large format clubs

Power Requirements

1000 watts continuous — 2000 watts peak

Frequency Response

30Hz — 120Hz


3 years on cabinetry; manufacturer defect limited to that of third parties if applicable