SBS Designs S1 Class AB Amplifier    


The SBS Designs S series Class AB & Variable supply amplifiers are a hand made high end design, designed to deliver the finest results to your loudspeaker system. When you are looking for the finest reproduction of sound with the purest power going to your monitors & loudspeaker system, High End Class AB & Variable supply amplifiers by SBS Designs are your only choice for the ultimate reproduction & fidelity.

The S1 is a super high quality stereo amplifier voiced to be extremely fast, very dynamic, and true to the source while maintaining a very open and musical sound.

The S1 is best suited on high frequency tweeters, compression drivers or full range bookshelf monitors in a recording studio.



Recording Studios
Mastering Studios
Pro Applications


65 watts @ 8 ohms per channel
100 watts @ 4 ohms per channel
Input Sensitivity 1 volt
Slew rate 100 v/us
THD .02%
Damping Factor 100
Class AB output, featuring true complementary class AB drive sections
2RU Convection Cooled

Frequency Response

10 HZ to 100 KHZ


10 years