SBS FLH 212-TM    


The SBS FLH 212-TM is a Trapazoid 2-way front loaded horn design that offers a single 12 inch low mid range driver & a 2 in Exit Mid-High driver for the ultimate precision, directivity, projection and imaging in the dance floor.

The FLH 212-TM offers a super high frequency device, designed to be offered with a 4-way SBS Slammer Ground Stack system.

The FLH 212-TM is designed to be used 2 minimum in a SBS Slammer ground stack system. 

Color and finish options upon request.




Power Requirements

Low Midrange - Single 12 in Midrange 300 watts cont, 600 watts peak 400hz – 1.6 Khz

Mid High 2 in exit compression driver W/ Acoustical Filtering - 30 watts Cont, 80 watts peak 1.6K – 20K

Low Mid 60 Degree Horizontal X 40 Degree vertical High mid, 60 x 40 Degrees

Frequency Response

Low Mid 400hz – 1.6 Khz; Mid High 1.6Khz – 20Khz


3 years on cabinetry; manufacturer defect limited to that of third parties if applicable