SBS 3-way MTM Slammer    


The SBS Slammer shown in a ground stack form is the ultimate choice for small to medium format club & high end lounge applications where compact size fidelity and high output is first priority.

The 3 way MTM system by SBS Slammer offers very tight, precise and accurate reproduction of the source to deliver the ultimate sonic fidelity in any application offered.

The 3 way SBS Slammer MTM series can be offered to be flown or as shown in a ground stack for the ultimate performance and fidelity



Small format clubs

Power Requirements

18 inch sub 600 watts continuous - 1000 watts peak
Dual 15 inch mid bass 600 watts continuous - 1000 watts peak
Mid High 30 watts continuous - 60 watts peak

Frequency Response

26Hz - 20kHz


3 years on cabinetry; manufacturer defect limited to that of third parties if applicable