SBS Series I Slammer CD    


The SBS Series I Slammer is an award-winning 2-way high output horn loaded system, designed off principles from tried and true designs, where the highest fidelity, highest efficiency, highest output and highest impact with low profile are the first priorities.

This front loaded horn system offers a single 15 inch mid bass driver and a 1.4 inch exit compression driver on a CD (Compact Directivity) horn. The Series I Slammer has extremely wide dispersion for the ultimate coverage without any drop offs. 

Color and finishing available upon request



Large Lounges
Small to Medium Dance clubs
Side fill systems 

Power Requirements

One 15 in mid bass 500 watts continuous - 1000 watts peak
One 1.4 in exit mid high 75 watts continuous - 160 watts peak

Frequency Response



3 years on cabinetry; manufacturer defect limited to that of third parties if applicable