SBS Membrane    


The Membrane is a High Fidelity 2 channel pre amp that can be used as a Sub Mixer with 3 front panel controls that allows you to bypass the Output stage of any Vintage or new mixer to take your sound system fidelity to levels not possible before.



SBS Slammer Systems [excluisvely]


Front Panel controls:

Low Freq CFC
Level Control.
High Freq CFC

Differential Output stage:

+ 20 DB


Unbalanced & Balanced
Selectable Unbalanced efx loop
115v 230v ready

Handmade in America

Only TWO Membranes have been produced to date, and they can be heard only The SBS Slammer Showroom at AnalogBKNY

Frequency Response

5hz - 100Khz


Ten Years