Redbull Music Academy on the SBS Slammer, the Best Modern Day Nightclub Sound @ Analog BKNY

Redbull Music Academy on the SBS Slammer, the Best Modern Day Nightclub Sound @ Analog BKNY

Tweeted by Redbull this week,

Meet the soundsystem designer behind the best club sound of modern-day New York at Analog BKNY,

Analog BKNY & the SBS Slammer is Powered Processed Designed & Hand made by SBS Designs. ?#?RBMADaily?

Red Bull Music Academy Daily

The Red Bull Music Academy Daily is the online publication by the Red Bull Music Academy, a global music institution committed to fostering creativity in music. Just like the Academy, we think of it as a platform for the essential ideas, sounds and people that have driven – and continue to drive – our customer.

Analog BKNY: Motionless Under The Mirror Ball

SBS Slammer System I-V3 Showroom system at Analog BKNY 177 2nd Ave Brooklyn NY

(4 Stacks)


1 SBS Slammer Console
1 SBS Slammed Urei 1620 or Pioneer DJM900
3 Pioneer CDJ Linked
4 SBS Slammer DIR 118 Subs
4 RCF 15 2 in full-range monitors
2 SBS Slammer SDM 371HF Booth Tweeters


8 SBS Slammer FLH 218-F Dual 18 Straight Horns
12 SBS Slammer Series I Bass modules
4 SBS Slammer Series I CD-MH Mid High
2 SBS Slammer Series I STA 3HF Tweeter Arrays

 Total Drivers

16 18 in horn loaded sub woofers
12 15 in horn loaded mid bass woofers
4 Mid High compression Drivers
12 Super High tweeters

 Advanced outboard Gear

1 SBS Designs Iso-Q2 Advanced Isolating & Focusing Eq
1 SBS Bad Neighbor 
Prototype Bass processor (Exclusively to the SBS Slammer @ Analog BKNY)
2 SBS Thrive Bender Program Eqs
2 SBS S3x 3-way system x-overs for the Booth & House (
Exclusively to the SBS Slammer)
1 SBS Slammer SX-31 2-way 3-way HIFI Analog X-over Full-Range (
Exclusively to the SBS Slammer)
1 Urei 1620 SBS Modified Sub or Main mixer
2 Lavry DA10 – External Digital to Analog Converter – Pioneer CDJ Players or DJM Mixer
2 White Instruments 4400A Mastering EQs – Full-Range
3 SBS Modified Ashley 3102 Program Equalizers

 Booth Amplifiers

2 BGW GT 3800 Mono Blocks SBS Slammer Mods
1 SBS Thrive Reya Booth Subs – Mosfet
1 SBS Thrive Lena Booth Tweeter amp

 House Amplifiers

4 Crown MA 5002vz Sub-bass
1 SBS Designs S2 Mid High
1 SBS Designs S2 Full Range High Frequency Tweeters
1 SBS Thrive Syla Super Highs (Tweeter Arrays)
2 SBS Designs S6 Thrive Maya Hybrid Morphed Main Mid-bass, One off hand made High current Class AB amplifiers (
Exclusively to the SBS Slammer)


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